You benefit from elaborate 3D planograms and visualizations, which help you to set up the optimal product arrangement. This gives you a first impression of the appearance of the arrangement at the POS. We are happy to adapt our proposal to your current POS presentation. You can see at a glance how the product presentation is integrated into your current placement.

Wooden Slatwall Display

  • Elegant wooden display with slatwall back wall 
  • Weight: 43 kg 
  • Offers space for 4/6  Standard packagings in width 
  • Offers space for 6 packaging units in height (standard size) 
  • Slatwall hooks on request 
  • Solo unwinder optional

Solo Unwinder

  • An innovative solo unwinder for dealing with metre goods professionally
  • Allows metre goods to be stored easily on the peg-board
  • Uses the sales area extremely efficiently.
  • Ideal for secondary placement.
  • Easy to handle when replacing spools.
  • Useful winding spools for convenient use.

New Packaging

The packaging should captivate with a refined look and feel, and a sophisticated design. It accentuates the distinctiveness of the high-quality Eagle Cable accessory products. Its visual design is complemented by the use of the best paper currently available on the market. The inlay is also made entirely of cardboard and thus also contributes to sustainability. 

On request, we will create individual product placement proposals tailored to your market needs.
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